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There... I fixed it! Mechanical engineering!

From Kath

I'm moving to france :( i love u xoxo)

HAHAHAHAHA LOL!!! SCARED YOU!!!!!!!!! ITS PRETTY FUNNY THAT YOU OPENED THIS BECAUSE... in the next seven days you will: 1. Have someone fall in love with you 2. Find a $20.00 bill on the ground 3. Go out with the person you like 4. Your best friend will get you a really nice gift BUT... first you will have to repost this with this title: IM moving to (a random place)! TAG UR IT!! *Repost this and see how many people you scare! * No Send Backs! * Send this to 10 people in the next 143 min. When you are done press F6 and your crushes name will appear on the screen in big letters. This is so scary cuz it works!! if you break the chain you will have problems with... ~ relationships ~your job/school ~Your family ...for the next 5 years JUST COPY AND PASTE From Steve